Spangler-Spangle Connection

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William Allen Spangle, Pat's cousin and a descendant of Jacob Henry Spangle (1794-1868), has a confirmed yDNA match with Daniel (1716ca - 1787) Spangler who settled in Franklin Co., VA about 1773.

Family lore says Daniel and Mary Spangler came from Germany via "the vicinity of York Co., PA" possibly staying in Western Maryland for a short time. This is unconfirmed.

I have been on their trail for almost 50 years but they covered their tracks well and I have found no leads that I can confirm. The most reliable data I have was copied from a family bible in 1916 by the family historian. The bible has since disappeared and I have been unable to locate it. Several years ago I heard it was spotted in Pittsylvania Co., VA but I could not locate it.

While family lore says that Daniel Spangler, Sr. father's name was Jacob, I believe that the widely distributed information on the internet that Daniel, Sr. was a son of Jacob and Elizabeth Stophell is a myth based Jacob's will which states:

February the 5th Anno Domini 1756 Jacob Spengler of Allsace Township and County of Berks hath made his last Will and faith in the Presence of the subscribing Wittness, as followeth--That his only son George Christopher Spengler who helped ........ (a word or two missing)..... be it what Denomination it will ..(a word missing).... and Personal. Except only that the Heir shall give unto his Mother Elisabeth Spengler for her suport during her Life Yearly (in case she does not dwell with him) 14 Bushels of Wheat, 50 Pounds of Pork, 20 of Beef, 40 shillings in currancy and the .... of cows but he shall keep said cows at his own charge. The Things above said George Christian Spengler shall give unto his Mother Elisabeth Spengler for her maintenance and further that my son shall give one cow and calf unto my Deceased Daughter’s Child Elizabeth Wise (?) by name and that when she is married. which I myself signed by my own hand before Witness.

Adam Reiffel
Jacob Spengler
his X mark
D B Teobaltbaum

1756 February 18. Then Christopher Wilman of Reading appeared by solomn Oath did declare the above writing to be a faithful translation (by him made according to his ability) of an original Writing in German exhibited to me and by me delivered to him to translate purporting to be the last will of Jacob Spengler. Christopher Witman

Second generation Spanglers relocated to places in Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma Territory, Texas, etc. Later generations are spread all over the world including Canada, Mexico, South America and Europe.

I recently reviewed the old deeds and other documents in my file. The surname is consistently spelled Spangler except for one deed involving Daniel Spangler, Jr. where his name is consistently spelled Spangle. It also spelled at a place or two Daniel as "Danigel". Also Daniel, Sr. signed his will dated September 22, 1787 as Daniel Spengele . However his name is spelled Spangler in the body of the will. I have a copy of his original will - not a transcribed copy in the records of Franklin Co., VA.

Pat Seaver writes: The YDNA matching donor with descendants of Daniel Spangler of Franklin Co., VA and Jacob Henry Spangle of Crawford Co., OH is (William) Allen Spangle. Allen's father is Stanley Spangle, who is my first cousin. My grandfather was Warren Alonzo Spangle, son of Solomon Spangle, who was the son of Jacob Henry Spangle 1794-1868, and our oldest known ancestor. Records indicate that Jacob Henry Spangle was born 10 Sep 1794 in Pennsylvania. The 1850 and 1860 census records give PA as his PoB, as do all of the 1880 census records of his surviving children. The first record that we have of Jacob Henry is his 10 Jul 1821 marriage to Sarah Salome Eby (Ebi/Aebi) in Stark Co, OH. The situation is complicated by the fact that there was a Spangler family living in Stark Co., OH at the same time, headed by a Jacob William Spangler (1779-1847), who is descended from Hans Caspar Spangler according to Belmont Farley's manuscript, "Eight Centuries of Spanglers". Jacob William Spangler had a son Jacob Spangler (b. 1812) who has unfortunately been confused with Jacob Henry. Jacob Henry bought land in Crawford Co, OH in 1829, although he is not found in the 1830 Crawford Co., OH census. In 1840, a family that fits his profile was enumerated in Marion Co, OH, which borders Crawford Co. His older children married in Crawford Co, OH. In 1848, Jacob Henry bought land in Noble County, IN; he lived there until his death 15 Aug 1868. Jacob Henry's children were: John 1822-1909 James Samuel 1823-1906 Jacob 1825-1894 Eliza 1826- ?? Sarah 1828-1853 William Henry 1830-1915 Louisa 1832-(before 1840?) Sophia 1834-?? Solomon 1836-1907 (my line) Catherine "Kate" 1838-?? Mary Ann 1840-1931 We have good circumstantial evidence that Jacob Henry Spangle had a brother named Daniel, born about 1799 and died 1879. Jacob Henry may have had at least two more brothers, Samuel and John, who lived in Clearfield Co, PA from 1840 (John moving to Iowa between 1850 and 1856. A descendant of Samuel believes that Jacob Henry was Samuel's brother and believes that Samuel and John moved to Clearfield Co. from York Co, PA.

There has been a persistent oral family tradition that Jacob Henry's father was a Zachariah Spangle/r (Zecarias/Zachariah, etc.) I can disprove the several Zachariahs mentioned in Edward Spangler's Annals of the The Annals of the Families of Casper, Henry, Baltzer and George Spengler. I have been unable to find any Zachariah Spangle(r) who would fit as Jacob Henry's father. I recently received a copy of the 1798 Dauphin Co, PA will of Zachariah/Zacharias Spangle, naming 3 sons and 2 daughters. I can eliminate one son, Zachariah, Jr., but either Andrew or Henry could be Jacob Henry Spangle's father. I believe that it is possible that the Zachariah Spangle (c1725?-1798) could be Jacob Henry Spangle's grandfather and continue to search for his sons Andrew and Henry.

Given the almost 80 years between the birth years of Daniel of Franklin Co., VA and Jacob Henry's, there are a multitude of possible familial relationships.

German Family Naming Pattern

This is a general naming pattern that was used. Variations on it exist and is not always used but in any case the naming pattern sometimes leads to valuable clues.
The name "Zachariah or Zacharias" does not appear in any records of the Descendants of Daniel and Mary Spangler of Franklin Co., VA.

The first name of each daughter was usually the first name of the mother --- Daniel and Mary followed this pattern
The first name of the son was usually the first name of the father -- Daniel and Mary followed this pattern
Often times the middle name of each child was the name of the baby's baptismal sponsor and they were usually called by his/her middle name.

1st son = was named after the father's father
Daniel’s first son’s name Daniel -- Was Daniel, Sr. father's name Daniel? or maybe Jacob Daniel? Family fore says his name was Jacob.
Jacob Henry’s first so’s name John

2nd son = was named after the mother's father
Daniel’s 2nd son’s name George -- Was Mary Spangler's father's name George?
Jacob Henry’s 2nd son’s name James Samuel

3rd son = was named after the father
Daniel’s 3rd son’t name was John -- Was Daniel, Sr. name John (or Johan) Daniel?
Jacob Henry’s 3rd son’s name was Jacob

4 th son = was named after the father's oldest brother
Daniel’s had only 3 sons
Jacob Henry’s 4th son’s name was William Henry

5th son = father's 2nd oldest brother or mother's oldest brother
Daniel had only 3 sons
Jacob Henry’s 5th son’s name was Solomon

1st dau = was named after the mother's mother
Daniel’s 1st daughter’s name was Mary Hannah -- Was Hannah the name of her maternal grandmother?
Jacob Henry’s 1st daughter’s name was Eliza

2nd dau = was named after the father's mother
Daniel’s 2nd daughter’s name was Mary Elizabeth -- Was Daniel's mother's name Elizabeth?
Jacob Henry’s 2nd daughter’s name was Sarah

3rd dau = was named after the mother
Daniel’s 3rd Daughter’s name was Mary -- Her mother's name was Mary still following tradition?
Jacob Henry’s 3rd daughter’s name was Louisa

4th dau = was named after the mother's oldest sister
Jacob Henry’s 4th daughter’s name was Sophia

5th dau = after the mother's 2nd oldest sister or father's oldest sister
Jacob Henry’s 5th daughter’s name was Catherine.


Was Daniel Spangler, Sr. name Johann Daniel Spangler?
Was Daniel's parents Jacob Daniel and Elizabeth _____ Spangler?

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