Murry Jackson and Bessie Bungard Spangler Family

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Daniel Spangler
Born ~1716 died 1787 Franklin Co., VA
Married Mary Noffsinger

Daniel Spangler
Born 1747 Died 1823 Botetourt (Floyd) Co., VA
Married Sarah Bolt Born 1753 Died 1839 Floyd Co., VA daughter of Robert Bolt Born 1710 in Ireland Died 1792 in Laurens, South Carolina

Samuel Spangler
Born 1705 Died 1875 Floyd Co., VA

Mary Catherine Hylton (Helton)>

William H. Spangler
Born 1824 Died 1827
Married Hannah J. Sower
Children: Barbara Ellen 1846-1918; Ananias 1848-1864; Abraham 1849-1923;
Anna Mary 1852-1925; Samuel George 1853-1929; Sallie E. 1856-1907; William H.,Jr 1858-____.

William H. and Hannah Sowers Spangler
Barbara Ellen (1846-1918); Ananias (1848-1864); Abraham (1849-1923); Anna Mary (1852-1925);
Samuel George (1853-1929) ; Sallie E. (1856-1907); William H., Jr. (1858-____)

Samuel George and Mary Ona Agee Spangler
William Lee (1875-1941); Eliza Rosetta (1876-1962); James Samuel (1881-1954);
Judith Esther (____-____); Callie Ward Beecher (1886-____); Charlie Beahm (1892-1969)

Mary Catherine (Kate) Yopp and Charles Beahm Spangler
Charles B. ; Murry Jackson; Marie

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