Murry Jackson and Bessie Bungard Spangler Family

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John Hodge
Born: ABT 1816 in Tennessee
Married Sarah Doty Born: ABT 1815 Children: Olivia Hodge b: ABT 1837; William J. Hodge b: ABT 1843; Elihu Hodge b: ABT 1847;
David Hodge b: ABT 1849; Phebe A. Hodge b: ABT 1852; Commodore P. Hodge b: ABT 1855;Platt Buchanan Hodge b: JAN 1857 d: BEF 1930

Platt Buchanan Hodge
Born January 1857 Died 1925
Married Laura Adaline Baugh Born 7, 1862 Died October 1943
Children: Annie (____-____); Nellie Born August 30, 1885 Died December 4, 1979; Effie Mdge Born February 27, 1892 Died May 3, 1979;
Leroy Wayne Born July 19, 1894 Died November 11, 1972; Frank (1905-1918)

Platt B. Hodge and Family