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Graduation exercises for the Class of '48 were held May 31, 1948 at 9:00 pm in the auditorium of the Floyd High School. The program theme was "Opportunity-Our Tomorrow". Rev. William B. Denson, a member of the Roanoke City School Board, Jack Spangler, Salutatorian, and Laureen Lester, Valedictorian, took part in the program. Music was under the direction of Mrs. C. D. Rainey. Mr. E. W. Miller, Principal, presented a diploma to each of the thirty five graduating seniors.



You who have gone to school here should have many memories of our high school. You have spent many pleasant days of your youth here. As you gaze upon this picture many pleasant memories will drift across your mind about your alma mater and may you ever be loyal to it's ideals.

This class photo was made after an Easter Egg Hunt in 1942. The original photo is dated April 21, 1942.

1948 Class as Freshmen 1945:

First Row: Rudolph Sutphin, Noah Sowers, Herman Martin, Warren Lane, Freeman Thompson, William Sumpter, Lee Cox, Hayse Radford. Second Row: Annie Lee Wray, Betty Thompson, Althea Dee Reed, Eula Reed, Eleanor Akers, Daphine Sweeney, Melvyn Harmon, Joe Spangler, Donald Reed, Paul Spangler, Walter Reed. Third Row: Joe Wade Buttrey, James Bishop, Alfred Underwood, Jack Spangler, C. B. Lawson, Frank Shelor, Jack Weeks, Deward Williams, Ralph Semones, Don Johnson, Lawrence Campton, Earl Wimmer, James Ogle. Fourth Row: Laureen Lester, Iletta Reed, Marie Reed, Ilene Cannaday, Mabel Gardner, Elsie Bishop, Alice Jane Boothe, Louise Thompson, Margaret Clem, Mildred Allizer, Dorothy Smith, Panzie Radford, Freeda Compton, Jacqueline Martin, Ava Ruth Nolen. Fifth Row: Mrs. Dobyns, Alma Altizer, I.ucinda Agee, Gracie Clemons, Lydia Mae Wood, Ruth Howell, Lettie Ruth Harrell, Malissia Watkins, Charlotte Nester, Laura Hungate, Laura Mae Akers, Macie Nolen, Iris Lester, Miss Slusher. Not in picture: Annie Laura Boothe, Marvin Agee, Noel Harmon, Robert Markle, Alfred Sowers, Don Williams.

35th Class Reunion July 1983

Thirty fifth Class Reunion July 1983 at Floyd High School

50th Class Reunion May 30, 1998

Floyd High School’s graduating Class of 1948 had its 50th reunion on May 30, 1998 at the Floyd County Bank Community Room. This class began it freshman year in 1945 with 66 members. By graduation on May 30, 1948 the number had dwindled to 35 of which 26 survive. Twenty one classmates their spouses and guests coming from Florida, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia. were in attendance. The entire group, which numbered 36, was honored with the presence of one of our favorite teachers, Mrs. Gladys Nester Agee, whom several of us had not seen for fifty years. The reunion was organized by Althea Weeks and Mildred Nolen with support by Jack Spangler who also was moderator for the meeting.

57th Class Reunion May 30, 2005

On Saturday May 28, 2005 the Floyd High School Class of 1948 held its 57th reunion at Ray's restaurant. Fifteen of the surviving 21 class members attended with some individuals traveling from Maryland, Northern Virginia and West Virginia in order to be present. After an inspirational invocation by Lindell Gardner, wife of Wilbert Hatcher, the class members and their guests enjoyed a delicious buffet luncheon prepared and served by the culinary staff of Ray's restaurant. At the completion of the meal, each class member introduced his or her guests and gave a summary of the major happenings in their life during the past 57 years. This was followed by an afternoon of renewing old friendships; taking photographs; and, remising about significant school events and other happenings in the good old days.

60th Class Reunion May 30, 2005

On Saturday July 10, 2008, 2005 the Floyd High School Class of 1948 held its 60th reunion. We met at the library for a social session and then had lunch at Ray's restaurant.

Marvin Agee

Dr. Marvin Harless Agee, a retired professor of Industrial Engineering at Virginia Tech and formerly the head of the Department of Civil Engineering, passed away Thursday evening, July 18, 1992 at the age of 60.

One of two boys voted best looking guy in the class

Eleanor Akers

Eleanor A. Reed, 849 Wills Ridge Road NW, Floyd, VA 24091

Mildred Altizer


Voted most independent girl in the class

Alice Jane Boothe


Voted the biggest pest in the class

Ilene Canaday

Ilene C. Compton, Morehead Lane Main, Pulaski, VA 24031

Henry Noel Harmon

Henry Noel Harmon was a US Army veteran and served during the Korean War. In August 1953 he joined the Virginia State Police and was assigned to Pittsylvania County. On January 10, 1960 he was shot in the back of the neck by a Pittsylvania County man who was being transported to jail. This shot resulted in paralysis from the neck down. Henry passed away on Thursday February 7, 1995.

Wilbert W. Hatcher

Wilbert W. Hatcher, 4434 Pleasant Ridge Road, 1 Unit 105, Roanoke, VA 24014

Voted most independent boy in the class

email: wandlhatcher@cox.net

Ruth Howell


Faye Howery


C. B. Lawson

After graduating from High School in 1948 Carl Buren, or C. B. as we knew him, entered the armed services of the United States on January 17, 1952. He left for overseas duty in Korea on June 8, 1952. He achieved the rank of Sgt. in the army and was killed in combat in Korea on May 13, 1953.

Voted quietest boy in the class

Laureen Lester

Laureen L. Reed, 301 Wills Ridge Road NW, Floyd, VA 24091

Voted most studious girl in the class

Robert Markle

Robert Markle, 6509 Joyce Rd., Alexanderia, VA 23310-2635

Charlotte Nester


Voted most atheletic girl in the class

Macie Nolan

Macie N. West, 86 Finley Dr., Martinsville, VA 24112

Voted girl with the prettiest hair in the class

email: secretarymacy@embarq.com

Alvin Phillips


Voted the biggest pest in the class

John Phillips

John R. Phillips, Rte 2 Box 381-B, Bluefield, WV 24071

Voted the cutiest boy with the prettiest hair in the class

Althea Reed

Althea R. Weeks, 166 Private Dr., NW, Floyd, VA 24091

Donald Reed


Voted best dressed boy in the class

Iletta Reed

Iletta R. Slusher, 2235 Laurel Branch Road NW, Floyd, VA 24091-3207

Voted best all around girl in the class

Marie Reed

Marie R. Nichols, 306 Kenwood Drive, Lynchburg, VA 24502

Voted quietest girl in the class

June Robertson


Voted cutiest girl in the class

Dorothy Smith

Dorothy S. Epperly, 1602 Graysville Rd., Copper Hill, VA 24079

email: (Lane Epperly) lepperly@swva.net

A. J. Sowers

A. J. Sowers, 1077 White Oak Grove Road NW, Riner, VA 24149

Voted most optimistic boy in the class

Noah Sowers

Noah F. Sowers, age 45, died Monday. Mar. 29, 1976. He was a retired carpenter and farmer and a veteran of the Korean War

Voted laziest boy in the class

Jack Spangler

4033 Crescent Road, Ellicott City, MD 21042-5305

Voted most studious boy in the class

email: mjs15@verizon.net

Betty Thompson

Betty T. Teel, 3215 Riner Rd., Christiansburg, VA 24073

One of two girls voted prettiest girl in the class

email: BettyTeel@nrvunwired.net

Lois Thompson

Lois T. Hammond, 745 Glenmore Drive, Salem, VA 24153

Louise Thompson

Louise T. Fentress, 340 Dogwood Lane SE, Christiansburg, VA 240703

One of two girls voted prettiest girl in the class

email: elf@swva.nett

Ramona Trail

Romona passed away on January 29, 1979 at the age of 50.

Voted the girl with the best personality in the class

Malissa Watkins

Malissa W. Reed, 71 Granary Rd., Verona, VA 24482

Jack Weeks

Jack Weeks, 401 Franklin Hfts Road, Bassett, VA 24055

Votes most bashful boy in the class

Deward Williams


Don Williams

Don Williams, 2114 Christiansburg Pike NE, Floyd, VA 24091

Voted most atheletic boy in the class

Earl Wimmer


Voted the most talented boy in the class

Annie Wray

Annie W. Harris, PO Box 647, Bluefield, VA24605

Voted laziest girl in the class