Murry Jackson and Bessie Bungard Spangler Family

July 15, 2011

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Johan Adam Bungard (Brunckhardt)
Born ca 1750 Germany Died 1839 Fayette Co., PA

John Bungard
Born 1792 Fayette Co., PA Died 1835 Ashland Co., OH.

Adam Bungard
Born ~1817 Somerset, PA Died 1893 Defiance Co., OH
Married Mary Heffelfinger Born 1824 in PA, Died March 1907.
Children Alvina 1848-____; Almira M. 1852?-1890; John H. 1854-____; Jasper Newton 1856-1890;
William Henry 1859-____; Emma 1861-____; Emerson 1867-____

Jasper Newton and Irene Nelson Bungard
Emma Arabell (1880-1881); Samuel Adam (1882-____);Jenna Edith (1884-1972);Oliver Newton (1886-1958);Ida Irene (1889-1889);

Emma Arabell Bungard

Samuel and Ethel Bungard

Jenna Edith Bungard

Oliver Newton Bungard

Ida Irene Bungard

Oliver Newton and Effie Hodge Bungard
Laura Edith (1914-1989);Willis Platt (1915-1963); Samuel Lynn (1917-____);Francis Paul (1919-1920);
(George Henry (1921-1922);Oliver Wayne (1926-____); James Roy (1929-____); Bessie Delia (1932-____)

Laura Edith Bungard

Willis Platt Bungard

Samuel Lynn

James Roy

Bessie Delia

Oliver Wayne
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