Murry Jackson and Bessie Bungard Spangler Family

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Mathieu Agee
Born in Nantes, France Died 1735 in Manakin, Powhatan, Virginia.
Married Ann Godwin Born 1703 in Manakin, Goochland, Virginia, daughter of Isaac GODWIN and Ann
. Children: Anthony (1719-1799); Judith (1721-____); Isaac (1722-____); James (1725-1821)

Anthony Agee
Born 1719 in Manakin, Goochland, Virginia Died 1799 in Manakin, Goochland, Virginia
Married Nancy Jane Binion Born 1720 in Manakin, Goochland, VA Died Abt 1757 in Manakin, Goochland, VA.

John Agee
Born 1748 in Manakin, Goochland, Virginia Died 1820 in Henry, VA
Married Mary Ogg 1773 in Buckingham, Virginia. She was born 1750 in Buckingham, VA
Married Mary Elizabeth Anderson Abt 1790/1795. She was born Abt 1763. Children:Charles (1768-____); Adler (1770-____);John (1780-____)

John Agee
Born Abt 1780 in Patrick Co., VA Died 1852 in Patrick Co., VA
Married Sena Hylton 1798 in Patrick Co., VA.
Children: Joshua (1799-1833);Nathaniel (1803-____);Samuel (1810-____);William (1813-____);
Austin (1821-____);Unknown (1815-____);Unknown (1805-____);Unknown (1820-____);Unknown (1820-____)

Joshua Agee
Born 1799 in Patrick Co., VA Died 1833 in Floyd Co., VA.
Married Sarah Brammer 29 Mar 1821 in Patrick, Virginia. She was born 1796 in Patrick, Virginia and died 3 Jul 1858 in Franklin Co., VA
Married Mary J Via 1865 in Floyd Co., VA. She was born Abt 1845 in Franklin Co., VA
Children: John (1822-1901); James (1823-1892); William (1825-1907)

James Agee
Born 1823 in Patrick Co., VA 1892
Married Judith Thomas 1848 in Smith, Tennessee. She was born 20 1819 in Smith, Tennessee, and died 1919 in Floyd Co., VA
Children: Susannah (Annie) (1848-____); Joshua (1849-1851); Mary Ona (1851-____); Adaline (1852-1921);
William Lee(1856-____); Martha Rosanna (1857-1859; Cynthia Emmaline (1859-____)